JEE Mentorship Program

Clueless About How To Plan Efficiently?

Can’t Utilize Time Properly?

Working Hard But Still Unable To Achieve Your Goals?

Well, Stop Working Hard! Time to Work Smart!

This program is aimed towards such JEE aspirants who are continuously putting effort into their JEE preparation but still can’t achieve the desired results.

The program’s main focus is to build discipline and help make the aspirant regular in his approaches.

The following will be included in the program:

  • Personalized Daily and Weekly aims
  • Weekly 1 on 1 session for 30 minutes regarding the progress made so far and improvements.
  • Monthly Report based on students’ efforts.

Basically, the program will guide the aspirant on the right path through smart work.

The program is not a substitute for any coaching institute.

The Daily/Weekly Aims for EVERYONE WILL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The aims will be drafted after considering the syllabus already covered by the aspirant, exam date, time left after coaching classes, and a lot more factors.

I won’t be sharing any fixed timetable or schedule with the aspirants. All I’ll be sharing is the list of topics to be covered (according to the aspirant’s capabilities) on a specific day/week by using the available resources.

I won’t be providing any extra material for preparation. The material provided by any institute/tuition you’ve joined will be more than enough in most cases. I’ll be sharing the best way to use those materials only. In case your coaching material does not seem enough to me, I’ll be helping you with various free resources!

At the end of 4 weeks, I'll share a small brief report with the aspirant. The report will be a brief conclusion of those 4 weeks. It will comprise of what was the aim, what percentage of the aim was accomplished, what remains, what did the aspirant lack, how dedicated the aspirant was, and much more...

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